For a branding course, I had been tasked with branding a hardware store. as a starting point, I’d been given only a name. The brand’s story and following asthetic were concieved during a month‘s period of research and invention. This is the story and visual representation I’ve conceived.

Fick’s Creative Emporium  is a hardware supplies store based in new york’s greenwich village, dealing in tools and materials for local creative individuals. The store started as a small independent hardware store in 1972 by Marvin Fick, a passionate carpenter and part-time musician.

Marvin was a college student, short on cash, and decided to takeover his father’s slow-moving carpentry store in order to pay the bills.

In the following years marvin solidified his local shop as a hot hub for artistry in the west village. Regularly hosting indie concerts and communal workshops. The store’s original west-village location serves to this day as a meeting place for
aspiring creatives.

The brand’s asthetic aims to project a gritty DIY attitude, with dirty textures and a grotesque color scheme. A sticker of marvin’s disgusting face is included with every purchase.