My journey began when I studied design at college. At first, I did not have a specialty, but I was eager to experiment in order to discover what makes me tick. During a volunteer position outside of my courses, at a student film production, I fell in love with the world of moving pictures.

From then on my main coursework involved mostly video editing and motion design. After my studies, I worked for a studio in Israel's television post-production industry, which eventually led me to work at a marketing division of a high-tech company, where I currently write, direct, and edit videos.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of years, yet I still consider myself at the outset of my creative journey, so I’m constantly aiming to learn and grow. Beneath it all, What drives me is the art of storytelling. From crafting a compelling script to sewing footage on a beat.

I firmly believe that every great creation starts with a good story.

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Tel: (+972) 525-201-200